Ideas for Life (I4L) 2016 Challenge
  • Registration Period: 1-30 Jun 2016
  • First Workshop : 16-17 Jul 2016
  • Full Proposal submission : 17 Oct 2016
  • Second Workshop : 17-18 Sep 2016
  • Revised Proposal Submission : 1 Nov 2016
  • Final presentation: 19-21 Dec 2016
Calling all passionate and aspiring social entrepreneurs – the ‘Ideas for Life” Challenge is for secondary / higher secondary school and undergraduate students who are motivated to solve the world’s pressing social problems. If you are a social entrepreneur, here is a chance to submit and win prizes for innovative solutions to change society for the better. The solutions or ideas should offer extreme ‘value for money’, sustainable, engaging and implementable on a wide scale. The aim is to solve a compelling problem in communities, involving innovations which are simple and novel, and having good commercial value.

Successful ideas should address:
  • Scenario to which the proposal applies. 
  • Social impact : compelling problems which are observed, needs identified, opportunities seized, communities served. 
  • Design : creativity, simplicity, innovative, robust, detailed illustrations / sketch. 
  • Enterprise : value-for-money proposition, marketing and business strategies, distribution and reach, alternative scenarios which may apply. 
  • Sustainability : Business and environmental.
Here are two sample scenarios. This scenario also serves as a template for you to create your own scenario which applies to your ideas that you are proposing.
  • Participants should submit a detailed proposal
  • Proposals should be emailed to [entries [at]].
  • The short-listed entries by the judging panel will present their proposal at the Int. Conf. on Frugal Innovation. 
Registration for Ideas for Life (I4L) 2016 Challenge will open during 1-30 June 2016. Stay tuned!